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Brian Huelat
815 S. Tyler Ave.
Loveland, Colorado 80537
Phone: 970-619-8266
Cell: 970-691-3585
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Work History:

Sears Holdings Corporation
930 E. 104th Ave.
Thornton, CO 80233
Sears Holdings, A & E Service Technician
11/11/2013 – 12/22/2015

Baker Instrument Co.
4812 McMurry Av.
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Industrial Electronics Service Technician
10/2004 – 10/2013

Celestica Colorado
3450 E. Harmony Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Equipment Technician 10/06/03-6/28/04

Sanmina SCI Systems, Inc.
222 Disk Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57701
Equipment Technician 8/4/97-8/4/03
The Facility Closed

Venango Machine Co.
Box 239
Wattsburg, Pa. 16442
Equipment Maintenance Technician 7/95-7/96

Thomas Erie Co.
1501 Chestnut St.
Erie, Pa. 16502
Maintenance Electrician 11/13/89-07/07/95 The company moved to Gerard, PA
I was the service supervisor at Thomas Erie for two years.

Corry Hiebert Corp
844 E. Columbus Ave
Corry, Pa. 16407
Line Leader, Welder, 11/87-10/89
Manufacture steel office equipment

Siemans Energy & Automation
2227 E. 33rd St.
Erie, Pa. 16502
Maintenance Electrician 8/87-9/87


Electrical Systems Technician / Manufacturing Electrical Engineer
20+ Years manufacturing experience in industry electrical systems.
Strong background in Power Distribution, DC Drivers, Variable Frequency
AC Drives, and PLC Programming. Competency with electronic
and pneumatic controls, distributive control systems knowledge.
Strong organizational, and administrative skills.
Excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal.
I possess a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in
electrical power and control systems, including AC and DC motors and drives,
electrical distribution, PLCs, Motion Control Systems, and instrumentation.
I am self-motivated and dedicated to further develop skills through formal
technical education.
I have been involved in converting machinery with the development and
implementation of system design modifications to optimize reliability, quality,
and productivity.
I have a proven ability to work independently, with success achieved through
support on projects team.
PC computer Guru from old school ladder logic before DOS to the latest greatest OS.
Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page Express and many others.

Work Experience:

At Sears I was an A & E in-home service technician, which involves service work on all brands of large appliances & electronics. I am responsible for a Sears Holdings work van, purchasing card and fuel card. My work area includes a 200 mile radius, including nearby states such as Wyoming and Nebraska. I diagnose and repair electrical and mechanical issues on appliances & electronics. The large and often remote area that I work in requires me to be able to think and act independently, as I’m often out of reach of any assistance. I average ten to twelve calls each day. My job requires exemplary customer service as the face of Sears A & E services, and I have been recognized for my customer service record. My duties require me to keep a running inventory count of tools and parts, and I work with routing dispatchers and technical assistance representatives as needed, as well as assisting other service technicians as required.

At Baker Instrument Co. Now SKF Fort Collins CMC. I was a service technician. My daily duties involve calibrating Baker testers rebuilding MS operating systems, NT to 7; the testers are High Voltage Industrial motor testers and data acquisition for on-line & off-line usage. Also there are many other duties that arise throughout the day. Ordering components making ECO’s certifications documentation and source adjustments I have modified testers from old school units to up-to date O/S and ports, brake out boxes or what ever the customer wants.

At Celestica of Colorado I am an equipment technician for the production lines of DEK Screeners, Fuji CP-6s, Universal GSMs, CRTech AVI Inspection and BTU Ovens. As part of my duties, I also transfer programs from Uni-Cam to the machines, adjust the PDs for individual placement of parts, and cut the CAD from View Station to Import the CAD data to the AVIs. I build a new inspection program for each new product, and then profile each BTU oven for perfect reflow of the bonding process. Currently I am working on a closed loop exhaust ventilation control system for the BTU ovens, so we can ensure a consistency between all production lines.

At Sanmina SCI Systems I’ve had the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of Fuji component placement machines. I have attended the Fuji Training Center in Chicago, IL. And Fuji Calibration school in San Jose, California I am experienced in the repair and programming of screen printers, CP and IP placement machines, infrared ovens, flow-solder machines. I also regularly perform computer maintenance, configuration, & setup duties; I also work with and set up ICT & Functional testers for production.

At Venango Machine Co, I worked in the capacity of design engineer, electrician and system analyst. My duties required me to maintain existing equipment, from hydraulics to PLC controlled systems, to design and build new equipment as needed, to establish the preliminaries for the construction of new equipment, and to build control panels. I was also required to do all purchasing and requisitioning for the maintenance department. My last few projects included designing and assembling a programmable controller for a chip-spinner and assembling a BTA computer-controlled drilling machine.

At Thomas Erie Co. I was responsible for redesigning and rebuilding Minster P2 presses and computerizing controls. I designed the schematics and replaced the old systems with solid state computer controls, coupled with inductive proximity controls and fiber optic systems. I outfitted uncoilers with solid state programmable variable drive controls, and box conveyors with General Electric Junior 1 computer systems, both interfacing with the main press computer. I built electronic controllers for automatic timed compound extruders, using 555 solid state timer chips and multivibrator controls, built on edge cards for easy replacement. I also built electronic controllers using SCRs for voltage control on viberbowls, electronic SPM meters for press speed, utilizing digital decoders for dot matrix displays, and programmable timers for metered lube dispensers on presses. One project was to design an automated scrap barrel dumper. It used a hydraulic lift, controlled by an induction limit switch that controlled the hydraulic dumper that upended the barrel. I also designed the schematic and prototype for an air flow detector in the scrap tube system, to detect blockage and automatically shut down the presses. I am skilled in the use of oscilloscopes, audio oscillators, signal generators, logic probes, and frequency counters. In other jobs I've rebuilt industrial motors, built and installed electronic pneumatic control panels, hydraulic systems, compressors, conveyors and pumps. I've installed wiring for multi-voltage motors and have installed central air conditioning, alarms and intercom systems. At Penn State University I was studying Electrical Engineering, Fortran computer science and programming.


Penn State University
Behrend Campus
Station Rd.
Erie, Pa.
Electrical Engineering
Graduated With Diploma December 1996

Rosedale Technical Institute
Pittsburgh, PA
Auto & Diesel Technology
Graduated With Diploma September, 1978

Fuji America Equipment Maintenance
Maintenance of Fuji SMT Equipment
“Vernon Hills” Chicago, IL
With Certificate February, 1998

Fuji America Equipment Calibration
Calibration of Fuji SMT
“Fremont” San Jose, CA
With Certificate March, 1999

Operator Training School
Tulsa Oklahoma
Two Week Course
With Certificate April, 1980 Gas and Oil well operations

American Honda
Mt Laurel, New Jersey
Two Week Course
Honda Motorcycle repair and new assembly
With Certificate May, 1979


George Frey Engineer / Service Supervisor
1545 Reeves Drive
Fort Collins, CO

John Moschini / Friend and work associate
1708 W. County. Rd. 10 E.
Berthoud, CO 80513

Tom Ciufo
4700 Innovation Dr
Fort Collins, Co 80525
Staff Calibration Technician at PCI - LLC

Richard Smith / Friend and work associate
6813 Logan St
Black Hawk, SD

Jeff Wood
2224 7th Ave.
Rapid City, SD

Charles Thompson
12703 Turnpike Rd
Corry, Pa.16407

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